Quantitative empirical properties of TagPro maps, two years later

With the recent discussion on TagPro maps, I figured it might be useful to redo my quantative analysis of empirical map properties from two years ago with today’s data. To recap, this analysis computes and visualises three indicators for each map:

Mainly the first two define the style of the map, in a way closely related to the map archetypes that have long been used for categorising maps. A difference is that the archetype definitions also consider getting out of enemy base rather than just grabbing, but the indicators turn out to be quantitatively consistent with the archetypical examples nevertheless.

So, I took yesterday’s bulk data from the TagPro Analytics database, filtered public matches with three or more starters on each team (to avoid distortion by waiting) and plotted the maps with at least one hundred such matches: click for larger/interactive

Some random observations and thoughts compared to two years ago:

Want to do an analysis like this yourself on TagPro Analytics data? Download the C++ source code that generated this graph and compile it against the TagPro Analytics C++ headers.

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